Mams! Let’s teach this so that the little one avoids sexual abuse – %

Mams! Let’s teach this so that the little one avoids sexual abuse – %

There is no end to sexual harassment, mom! Recently, news broke about a man who allegedly sexually abused minors in a shopping center, suddenly the mother chased the perpetrator and asked for help so that the man was arrested. Investigate had investigate, it turns out the perpetrator had problems with his psyche and the case ended peacefully amicably.

Even so, we as parents must remain vigilant so that our little ones avoid cases of sexual abuse! Especially when the little one is far from our monitoring Mams, provision of self-protection is mandatory for us to give so that the little one is brave and always vigilant to protect himself wherever he is.

Here are some ways that Mams can do, so that your little one avoids cases of sexual abuse including:

Teach your child to know their body

Knowing the limbs is the main way that Mams can do to the little one starting from he was a toddler. Mams can tell them the names of his body while bathing or even playing, such as head, stomach, chest, hands, feet, to intimate parts such as buttocks, genitals and others.

In addition to mentioning the names of the limbs, slowly Mams can mention the functions of the limbs ranging from simple functions to mention the intimate parts of the limbs that must be maintained properly without having to be touched by others including Mams and other family members.

Tell their intimate limbs

After knowing the parts of their intimate limbs, Mams can explain to the little one that the limbs covered by the shirt should not be touched by anyone. Because it is intimate, Mams can also begin to slowly teach your little one to bathe alone, use their own clothes and clean their own bodies after urinating. That way he will understand what intimate means and maintain the privacy of his limbs.

Keep watching as he cleans his body, Mams can teach it slowly and convince themselves that they can do it. In addition, remind your child if someone touches that part of their body then shout and ask other adults to help him.

Encourage them to always tell stories

Telling stories about what he does all day is the right way you can do so that your little one will open up and grow their confidence. With Mams asking about his activities, of course the little one will be happy to tell what he did at school or elsewhere without Mams.

By getting used to asking about this activity, your child will also not be ashamed and hesitate to tell the good and bad events that he experienced. That way, the little one also knows who he will tell and dares to act if there is a problem with him. When the little one tells a story, try to listen well to Ya Mams! Please enter if there is a problem they are experiencing.

Stop posting your child’s activities

Nowadays it seems incomplete if you don’t upload your little one’s activities on social media, even though this can make your little one exposed to cases of sexual harassment. Especially if you upload your little one’s activities such as bathing, playing on the beach and others. Come on, try to be wise to play social media! Do not upload all activities, places and other privacy matters to social media because it can cause crimes that threaten the lives of children.

Accompany the little ones while watching

Today’s digital Era, the use of gadgets is one of the natural things given to your little one. However, don’t let your mother down! The use of gadgets can be a trigger for your child to be sexually abused because of content that is not educational. For that, Mams needs special attention when providing educational content to the little one. Accompanying them while watching or studying is a very mandatory thing Mams do, never let your child to use the gadget alone.

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